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We handle matters involving enforcement of civil and commercial rights. This includes representing clients at the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, High Court of Kenya, Land and Environment Court, Industrial Court, Subordinate Courts and Tribunals. We also offer services to clients on issues related to Labour Law. We offer services to clients on issues related to National and International Environmental Law and Policy.

Matters handled by the department include:

  • Civil and commercial claims and actions;
  • Debt recovery;
  • Labour and employment;
  • Professional negligence;
  • Accident and insurance claims;
  • Intellectual property and industrial disputes;
  • Criminal litigation; and Constitutional, Human Rights and Judicial review.


We endeavour to accomplish e cient resolution of claims in favour of our clients by using Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms such as Arbitration. We handle both local and international arbitrations on behalf of clients in respect of national and international business transactions. Our goal is to resolve disputes at minimal cost and without unnecessarily having recourse to adversarial means.

Real Estate

We advise and act for clients in matters related to law of property and conveyancing transactions. These include:

  • Acquisition and disposal of interests in property;
  • Advising on conveyancing transactions and security documentation;
  • Preparation and perfection of conveyancing documentation;
  • Physical planning and property development;
  • Environmental law and regulations; and Acquisition and disposal of interests in chattels and other movables.
Because we have a specialised department dealing in Conveyancing, we can usually handle the perfection of securities quicker and at a better value. We use our extensive experience to resolve local issues. We continuously aim at providing timely and e cient legal advice in the creation of securities including charges, debentures and syndicated loan agreements. The rm continuously expands its capacity in order to harness its expertise and experience in creating a track record of excellence in legal documentation and achieve shorter turn- around times.


We offer services in the following areas:

  • Incorporation of business entities such as Non-Governmental Organisations, Limited Liability Companies, those Limited by Guarantee, and International Companies having local branches within the country;
  • Oversee mergers, acquisitions and dissolution of business entities;
  • Preparation of business/commercial agreements;
  • Employment matters including employment contracts;
  • Tax advice, Establishment of onshore and offshore trusts; and Wills and Codicils.

Intellectual Property

We offer legal services to clients on issues involving registration and protection of various types of intellectual property rights. These include patents, copyrights, trademarks, business names and licensing and franchising agreements. Such protection of brands is through the guidelines set out in the Industrial Property Act, The Trademarks Act, Copyright Act, Bio-Safety Act, the Seed and Plant Varieties Act, the Anti-counterfeit Act and most recently, the Constitution. This is alongside the Madrid Agreement and Protocol, the Paris Convention, the Berne Convention, the Patent Cooperation Treaty and the ARIPO Treaty for international clients wishing to establish themselves in Kenya.


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